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Addiction Services:

Addiction Therapy

At our mental health clinic, we value collaboration and partnership for successful recovery. We've formed alliances with top rehab centers in the Tri-State area, giving clients access to high-quality care and resources for their mental wellness journey. We also work with various outpatient programs, offering tailored treatment options for each individual.

Our clinic provides medically assisted therapy (MAT) as part of our comprehensive treatment plans, combining cutting-edge medical treatments with evidence-based therapy methods. We offer Suboxone, Sublocade, and Vivitrol, selected for their effectiveness in treating substance use disorders. Our medical professionals work closely with clients to determine the best course of action, considering factors like medical history, addiction severity, and personal preferences.

Our dedicated therapists and counselors provide ongoing support throughout recovery, addressing physical, emotional, and psychological aspects of addiction. Our collaboration with outpatient programs helps clients build skills and coping mechanisms for maintaining sobriety and daily life challenges. We offer diverse therapies, group sessions, and workshops to empower clients in achieving their recovery goals.

Our partnerships with rehab centers across the Tri-State area allow seamless transitions between care levels and sharing expertise among professionals. This approach ensures clients receive the most innovative and effective treatment options available.

In summary, our clinic focuses on an integrative approach to addiction recovery, including MAT, evidence-based interventions, and strong collaborations with rehab centers and outpatient programs. By providing personalized care and support, we aim to empower clients to overcome challenges and achieve lasting mental wellness.

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Proudly partnered with Move to Heal whose mission is to enhance health for all individuals who suffer from all forms of mental health issues, addiction, depression, and other life challenges by offering free group exercise, support meetings, nutritional coaching, and mental health counseling.

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